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The ultimate pilling (fuzz balls) remover!  Use it to remove pilling from most garments, carpet, upholstery, car seat covers and floor mats, fragmented that have gone through the wash, dog, cat and pet fur!  No batteries, blades or chemicals.  Proudly Australian made, and best of all, Depilit, Pilling Remover, Woollen Jumpers, Track Suits,  Pet Cat & Dog hair Removers, Upholstery  ORDER HERE!it really does work! 



CLEARANCE SALE!  All ironing board covers now reduced to $39.99 (excluding postage) Victoria Ironing Board Covers, Australia's finest!  Overseas buyers, please contact us first to establish postal cost.

To order, please press categories on top left window.

                        Fits most ironing boards!

No additional underlay required.

Chunky 270g wadding.Image result for victoria ironing board covers

Heavy duty, reversible 100% cotton cover.

Scorch resistant, colourfast material in fun designs.

Adjustable industrial grade elastic for a perfectly snug,                                          customised fitting.

Slip and twist resistant.

Fully washable.

Standard size 137cm x 45cm.

King size 147cm x 45cm.


Firstly, fit the cover from the toe to the heel of your board. Locate the slotted opening next to our manufacturer’s label to reveal the elastic.  Stretch tightly so that the cover forms snugly around your board, ensuring that no folds occur, then tie the elastic securely off.  Please be aware that once the cover is used, the profiled surface will flatten out to form a thick, heat absorbing mat.


Please be aware that when ordering by phone or internet, because of the bulk of our covers, for us to reduce postage expense to you, we delete all additional packaging, your cover will arrive in a brand new, polythene tough bag.  If you wish for us to include to the manufacturer's packaging, please advise.  



 FOLLOWS YOU WHERE EVER YOU ..................GO IN DE ROOM! colours may vary! approx.20cm high and approx.17cm wide each (move your head and you will see)



Buddha - Amazing 3D Lamp, Beautiful decor item with warm romantic light, ideal Gift! FOLLOWS YOU WHERE EVER YOU GO IN ROOM! The Pharaoh - Amazing 3D Lamp,Optical Illusion, Ideal Gift! FOLLOWS YOU WHERE EVER YOU GO IN THE ROOM!

    Overseas buyers, please contact us first to

establish postal cost. Orders: Press Categories top Left Window on this page!

 + 61 3 409971899








Our Insoles are one of our favorites, and look at our prices?


FOR ORDERING look at the top left of this window(Categories)
















Insoles - Health Comfort Style (Nurses,doctors,hairdressers) no. 1 sell at the Queen Victoria Market!  may cut to size, 29 cm in lenght, never leaks!, Insoles, support your Arches,very soft, fits all!100% Gel Insoles, blue, trim to size if needed, fantastic insoles,   NOTE:  mention with order upto 28cm or upto 32 cmOrthotic Insole Pad, for drop Arches, also high instep, very good ...

    Insoles, Health Comfort,            Insoles, support             100% Gel                        This is Great for your Arches,Orthotics one size fits all!


                                                                                                                                     Number 1. at the Queen Vic.Market 

    Fit Most!                                   For arches, soft!               mention men,


 ALL INSOLES $ 9.99                                                                                                               


















Good for walking!

   $ 9.99                          $ 9.99                                               $ 9.99                        $ 9.99                       




                                            + 61 3 409971899














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